Waller County Transportation Plan

About the Project

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H–GAC), has partnered with Waller County, to create a transportation plan for the county. The Waller County Transportation Plan will examine current and future transportation, land use, and socio-economic conditions, both within and surrounding Waller County.

The focus of the plan will be to determine Waller County’s future transportation infrastructure needs while preserving the county’s environmentally sensitive areas, agricultural land uses and heritage. The project timeframe is 18 months.

The Waller County Transportation Plan will include recommended revisions to the county thoroughfare plan, and the creation of prioritized projects and policies in the form of “implementation workbooks” for each of the participating jurisdictions.


Map of Study Area

Public Involvement

The Waller County Transportation Plan included a vigorous public outreach process that actively engaged a wide range of stakeholders in the planning process. The Public Involvement Plan (PIP) incorporated a variety of meeting outreach techniques to ensure that diverse public interests were served, interested stakeholders were educated, and that the comments and suggestions from the public were reviewed by study team.

Round 1 – October 2017

Round 2 – April 2018

Round 3 – August 2018

Other Meetings

More Information

For more information, contact: Carlene Mullins, Carlene.Mullins@h-gac.com.